Why Buying High-End BBQ Grilling Equipment Is Important For The Best Results

It’s the last days of summer, which means it’s the last days to head out and use the grill. Unless you live in the Southern parts of the United States. Then it may still be warm enough in the winter to have an outdoor get together!  Even in northern climates like Toronto where winters come with a vengeance, you can still enjoy your BBQ grilling equipment well into the Fall and Winter if you have the right setup and area for it.  Luxury homes often have a dedicated outdoor kitchen custom-built for this purpose, and is easy to cover and maintain throughout the inclement weather but still enjoy grilling and entertaining when your BBQ setup is of that where it encourages your creativity and is something to be proud of – something you will be ensured of when you invest in a higher-end tier brand of BBQ grill like Fire Magic, for instance.

But presuming you live in the frozen North, you’re probably looking to have that one last house party. Yet if you’re anything like many North Americans, your BBQ grilling equipment is not quite up to snuff. You may have a great grill like a Fire Magic brand (or maybe you don’t), but many people purchase a cheap grilling set at the local grocery store and never think about it.

If you want to have the best house party on the block, then you should think about getting the high-end BBQ grilling equipment. But what is the difference? Why should you purchase a high dollar burger turner? In order to understand that, it’s important to understand how much better the high-end equipment is from the ground up.

Starting With The Grill

Many people get a simple bowl grill and call it a day. This certainly works, but it doesn’t give you the best food. Why? Because while there’s enough room for your charcoal briquettes, there’s not enough room for a large enough pile to get the grill good and hot. When you add this to cheap, hard to clean metal grates for the cooking surface what you get is a grill that makes sad food that starts out lukewarm and gets colder quickly.

This isn’t to say you absolutely need a gas grill. Gas grills that are too small or made with cheap hoses are just as bad for your food and more dangerous as well. If a small charcoal grill breaks down, it’s easy to put out the fire. Spread the briquettes around, dump a bucket of water on them, the problem is solved. Not only is it harder to put out a gas fire, but cheap rubber hoses can easily break and cause a gas leak. A small gas grill doesn’t generally have enough gas for a huge explosion, but the fire could easily get out of control.

What this means is that buying a cheap grill from the hardware store puts both you and your food at risk. You need a high-quality grill made with high-quality parts. If you get a charcoal grill, make sure you’ve got enough space to create a proper bed of charcoal. If you get a gas grill, consider getting one that hooks into your home’s natural gas pipes. These tend to use the same copper piping as the other gas pipes, which allows them to be much safer and more powerful as well.  Also, make sure you check out the latest tips and tricks to ensure you are getting the best results from your grilling endeavors.

Getting The Right High-End BBQ Utensils

The truth of the matter is that a high-end burger turner is not as important as a proper grill. But there are a few things you should take into account.

Make sure to get a spatula with both a full tang and a proper steel head. Cheaper steel heads can chip and flake, and these things can go right into your food. You also want to get solid metal tongs with proper grips so your hand doesn’t slip. If you’ve ever tried to use a cheap set of tongs and burnt your hand because of the metal conducting heat, then you understand how important heat-resistance handholds are!

Ultimately, getting the high-end equipment allows you to cook better food and do so safely. Cheap equipment breaks down quickly and wears out before you know it. The last thing you or your guests deserve is to eat contaminated food or be at risk of your grill blowing up. You won’t get that with grills made by Fire Magic – they’re the top tier of luxury grilling equipment for decades, and with their new showroom in Toronto, Canadians in the Ontario area have a great location to check out the latest grills and outdoor kitchens.  Check them out at http://www.firemagicgrills.com/canada/fire-magic-toronto, or click on one of the maps below if you live in the Toronto area: