Weight Lifting

I am 12 and lift 10 pound weights for 3 days all week more than 200 times with each arm i have heard from friends that weight lifting under 16 stunts your growth is this true and should I stop. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. Weight Lifting for Youth. Weight lifting strengthens bones & muscles which can prevent injuries in other activities. Weight lifting builds character: persistence, self-control, confidence,… It sets the trend for a healthy lifestyle, keeping youth away from unhealthy ones. Weight lifting recommendations for youth: * Supervision. All exercises must be done with proper technique. Stop bad technique immediately & discourage it. * Warm-up. Warm muscles are harder to injure than cold ones. Always start with an empty barbell & do plenty of warm up sets. * Technique. You can’t put any weight on the barbell until you can do your exercises correctly. This will act motivating. * Stay Away From Failure. Technique deteriorates with heavy attempts. No 1 rep max. Start with an empty barbell, add weight each workout. Weight lifting stunting your growth is one of the many myths still going around. Some believe weight lifting can actually stimulate growth because of increased bone mineralization.

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7 Replies to “Weight Lifting”

  1. Considering you’re doing 200 reps, you’re doing it wrong, so go ahead and keep doing it.

  2. Kids that are young and do excessive exercise can have stunted growth. As long as you don’t do it obsessively, I think you are fine.

  3. Muscle building before the bone structure develops will cause you problems in the future. Do exercise to stay fit. Stop the body building, or attempts to do this.

  4. You should stop. . .

    It does stunt your growth
    10 pound is unhealthy for a 12 year old. . .
    200 times I find hard to belive, but stop.

  5. Maybe. Stress on the body stunts your growth.
    I have no idea how much it’s stressing you though.

  6. It could stunt your growth, stick to plyometrics and aerobic workouts, dont go for the big weight yet. If anything high rep low weight.