Tv Watching

TV watching has long been discussed as a possible cause of some children's aggressive behavior. There is a concept in social psychology named desensitization. What does this mean and how might it apply to aggression in response to watching television. I was happy to learn… I really believe that TV watching actually can cause child's aggressive behavior. Prolonged TV watching. Is like "brain washing" which serves to force wrong info to the human brain . Brain watching consists of intense and repeated instructions to the person involved for the purpose of extracting or impressing info under duress. Since children's brains are still in the process of developing a healthy normal method of learning, and it will consequently absorbed the repeated showing of violence and gore , killings and punishments of all sorts into the child's thinking process until such scenes becomes normal and harmless as well as ordinary to them, and therefore seeing it as enjoyable and fun to see. The child in turn won't know what is right or wrong and act likewise towards his playmates. In effect, watching TV will in the long run create""little monsters"out of children.

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  1. Desensitization is where the child is no longer effected by the violence he is watching on the tv or in his video games. If a child watches increasing violent shows, he may show signs of aggressive behavior because it is no longer seen as a terrible thing, like it was when he first watched it; it's suddenly more acceptable to act that way.