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My son is 18 months old and has recently started showing an interest in the TV. I admit, I am letting him watch Cebeeies a little, usually just in the evenings after dinner when we are both tired (I am pregnant and have no help with him during the week) Am I wrong to let him watch TV? It’s not like he’s watching it all day. In fact, we are usually out for most of the day at various music groups, playgroups, Tumble Tots, visiting grandparents etc and activities that keep him very active and stimulated. Did you/ do you let your toddler watch TV? If so, how much. After looking around, I learned — My 13 month old daughter watches probably an hour or less of tv a day. She watches In The Night Garden, Playschool and Sesame Street in the morning while she wakes up and has her breakfast and she watches The Simpsons with her Daddy at night before she settles down and has her bath and bottle for bed. My TV is on all day long but we rarely sit and watch it every now and then something will grab her attention and she will sit and watch for a little while but only for a minute or2. I think there is a difference between sitting your children infront of the TV all day long and using it as a babysitter of sorts and letting them watch it as a form of entertainment for a little while a day.

This might be too much simulation for me. What if you watch this review on a TV, while watching me play a game on MY TV, about a TV watching simulator. That . . .

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  1. When my little girl was a toddler she watched the television. I don’t see the harm in it. She would watch it after coming back from nursery while I cleaned up etc. She is now 4 and is very intelligent. You are doing loads with your son so I don’t think a bit of TV will harm. Enjoy the rest!

  2. There’s nothing wrong with letting him watch the amount of TV that you have said. Most Cebeebies programmes are educational and enjoyable anyway, it won’t do him any harm at all to let him watch a little here and there.

  3. no I think its fine as most cbeebies programmes are aimed at that age of child and show many learning programmes you are’t sticking him there and lettng him watch all day its only for an hour or two so I would’nt worry

  4. Not at that age. It is bad for his eyes and bad for his brain, which will organize to need that type of rapidly changing images and impair his attention span later on, to state nothing of exposing him too soon to commercials. It is better to let him play quietly by himself for a while, preferably with soothing music on, or mainly put him to bed with a song or a story after dinner, since he’s tired at that time. It sounds like you’re doing a good job as a mom with all the other activities you’ve him involved in. Kudos!

  5. my son will be 3 in december and he watches tv he loves cebeebies his favourite is in the night garden I see nothing wrong with it and as any one else on here said a lot of it is educational for them

  6. My daughter is 13 months old and has a syndrome she is learning by watching tv. She is supposed to be way behind but instead is 6 months behind. you are not a bad parent and don’t let any one tell you that you are. People can be overly-protective of there children leading them to grow up being completely not street smart or overly rebellious!!

  7. as long as u limit the viewing time its fine as the majority of the stuff on cbeebies is educational. My children watch it for about an hour aday but at the weekend when I am working their dad mostly keeps it on all day which infuriates me as they could be doing something more worth wile he even leaves it on in the background when they pre occupied so it makes it harder for me to keep it off.

  8. My son is 22 month and he love Elmo so much. He watch the movie everyday. I think it okay just not ever min of the day

  9. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting your child watch tv. especially if the programmes demographic is toddlers, some documentaries of animals etc also engage a toddles interest for purely seeing the animals not necessarily the content of information provided.
    it is a fantastic education tool if utilised wisely

  10. My children did not watch television as young children. In fact, they grew up without a television in the house. Even today, my daughter does not allow her children to watch any t. v. programs until her kids are over the age of five. Early television viewing has been linked to ADD/ADHD.

  11. Crumbs. . . don’t let it bother you! I have three children and I’ve realised that as they grow, you can only exercise so much control anyway. I know it seems like a big issue now but my opinion is, if you are going out to plenty of places and spending time reading to your toddler and playing a few games with them, then let them watch TV when they want. CBeebies is really educational nad promotes good values. Don’t worry!!!!

  12. yes the tv is very good, my brother acctually because very smart off it.
    foxtel and normal television im sure have very educational tv shows thats teaches kids to learn their numbers, colours, animals, alphabet and even how to dance and sing.
    television is very good, just not too much

  13. I guess you’re not “supposed to” according to the Academy of Pediatrics, but I did let my daughter watch Teletubbies when she was a baby/toddler and my son LOVED to watch C-SPAN. (Don’t ask me why he did. I never figured it out either. )