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I'm not asking this to be judgmental or anything like this I'm just curious as to what other toddlers do. My 15 mo daughter shows no interest in TV whatsover even if I put something like the tweenies she will ignore it. So here are the questions: 1. When did your toddler first start watching TV? 2. How uch do they watch a day and how old are they? 3. What are your reasons for your toddler watching/not watching TV Just to clarify I am not looking for advice on how to get my toddler to watch tv I don't care that shes not interested. I think I found an answer.

3. 5-year old daughter. She watches no more than 10 hours a week and that includes what she gets on her computer in the form of pc games. She very rarely watches actual tv beyond watching the Simpson's at 6 with her dad. Sort of routine cause i'm mostly cooking then and it keeps her out of my hair. Only dvd's and videos for the rest. Her favourites now are Little Mermaid, Big Cook Little Cook, Dangermouse, Thumbelina and Clifford. We're trying to get her into Dora to keep Barbie at bay for a few more years. She started watching at a very early age. She worked her way through the baby Einstein series, then she got hooked on Never-Ending Story (thanks to nannie) and got a thing with giants so I bought her the Iron Giant to show not all giants are bad. She watches tv cause she does like it to any degree and again, it keeps her occupied so I l get to do any housework at the same time. Sometimes I really want a nap and will get on the sofa with her. She'll watch her film, i'll nod off and sometimes we end up both asleep. She learns from it. I restrict her viewing because it is passive learning. She knows we don't do televisions in the bedroom though 🙂

Maxine watches TV while one can take a look at her feet and soles.

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  1. My 20mo old watches probably a total of an hour of tv a day. Of course I keep pbs kids on till daddy gets home from work just for the sound. Otherwise the house gets too quiet. She doesn't really show much interest in the shows though. She gets excited about comercials lol. Her big thing is the keyboard. She wants to type all the time. She was interested in commericals from the time she was about six months old. She is too busy to stop and watch much more than certian commercials. Her favorite is vonage commercials.

  2. Some kids love telly other don't. Mine loved it… At one point I had to get the digital tv removed from our home, cos as soon as my little boy realised there were kids shows on from the moment he woke til the moment he finally fell asleep, he thought there was no real purpose to leave the house, and then came the – I suppose quite logical theory- of if i'm not going out I don't need to get dressed, so he adopted the "i'm quie happy to sit here naked watching the tv mum-you do whatever pleases you" attitude. I showed him. . . . HAHAHAuntil they are 3ish their brains cannot really get to grips with the whole 3d image in 2d format anyway-so to some watching the telly is a bit of an effort-hence toys being better. Wish my kids were like yours.

  3. 1. When did your toddler first start watching TV? — 6 months (baby enstien) 2. How much do they watch a day and how old are they? Home – 2hrs school 1hr movie or two shows3. What are your reasons for your toddler watching/not watching TV — ummm I need a break lol plus she enjoys the singing and dancing they doI put on the tv first thing in the morning so I can get dressed for work, without it I would not be able to get dress I stick her in her highchair and get use ready. Meal times she watches a show or 2 after. And thats about it, weekends she watches it more depending on if I have to clean up the house before I let her loose for destruction lol

  4. My two year old shows no interest in the tele at all- shes far too busy reeking havoc everywhereMy eldest child like the tweenies etc from 18 months on- my 5month old baby strains her head to see the tv.all children are different- maybe you just have a busy bee..- good luck with that one. Heee heee

  5. I like background noise, our tv is always on, if not then the radio is. My son has always paid attention to the music, thats what interests him most, when a good song comes on, whether it be a commercial, a new show or during a show. My son is now 21 months and he watches during wake up time / breakfast and lunch. And a bit in between but has much more interest in what I am doing usually, or in his toys.

  6. My daughter watches the Nickelodeon Sprout channel. It is educational and geared toward the toddler age group. She watches quite a bit, but also does other things. She isn't glued to the television, it's just on in the background while we play. She probably started showing interest around 2, now she's 4 and likes other programs like Scooby Doo and Pink Panther.

  7. My children did not get that interested in TV until about2. My three year old would live in front of the TV if I let him, he is in love with the shows on Nick Jr.

  8. If you want your toddler to watch Tv put on something very slow, with very low information content – like a Baby Einstein video or the Teletubbies. In my experience, kids between the ages of about 1-3 like simple, repetitive stuff. I wouldn't leave them watching for more than 30 minutes at a time though – their brains can't really handle it. Never leave them in front of the broadcasting TV because you never know what crap is going to come on between programs, and your child's developing brain is too fragile to be left to the mercy of advertising. Use DVDs that you know the content of – don't worry about variety as kids like to get to know stories inside out and can take a huge number of repetitions of the same material. There are lots of good English shows – Percy the Parkkeeper, etc. . . That I find suitable and which never morph into anything sinister. To answer your questions:1. One year2. Between 30 mins and 1 hr (but never more than 30 mins at a time)3. Sometimes in the morning while I am getting things ready before work – to keep them still. Sometimes in the evening as a reward for good eating at dinnertime. Once we let them watch it during dinner, but found this disruptive. NB: When I want to switch it off, I switch it off – never let them use the TV as a reason for starting a fight. You have to set the rules and keep to them. Don't be surprised if the grandparents come round and break all your rules for you. They love to let the little ones watch as much as they want, and they buy teenage DVDs for toddlers, etc etc etc…

  9. The question of how much TV is suitable for a toddler to watch is a difficult one. On the one hand, there are advocates such as those at the American Academy of Pediatrics that do not recommend TV at all for children age 2 or younger. The AAP also recommends that older children be limited to no more than 1 to 2 hours per day of educational, nonviolent programs. On the other hand, there are parents who dont limit their childrens intake of television at all, and the children grow up well-adjusted and healthy. Most people fall somewhere in between these two extremes. Mostly, it is important that your child has plenty other of experiences, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical that are not in front of the television. When your toddler does watch television, there are some things that you can do to help the experience be more beneficial (or at least less harmful.) These include:- Know what your child is watching. Use more than just program ratings; read parental reviews to find out if the program is particularly suited to your family. If possible, try to watch an episode or two with your child. – Set limits. Create a rule about how much TV your child will watch in a day and stick to it. It is earlier to establish limits early on than it is to go back later on and try to wean your child off of too much TV. – For younger toddlers especially, choose quiet, slow, and calm programs for him to watch. This allows your child to take in more information, and keeps him from becoming over stimulated. – Talk about television with your child. Help her to understand what the program or programs are about. Help him to understand how commercials work, why they are there, and that you cant necessarily believe everything that a TV show or a commercial tells you. – Reinforce TV learning. If the letter of the day on Sesame Street is B, then work with your child on drawing the letter. Take him around the house, showing him beds, bowls, belts, and other B words. Posted in Baby and Toddler

  10. My son is 16 months and just started being interested inthe tv about a month ago. The only thing that will hold his attention for more than 5 minutes is The Mickey Mouse club house which he watches mostly all morning from 730 – 800. I don't know why he likes it but I think it is Toodles. When they say OOO Toodles.. My son starts to dance and it is so cute. He dosent show interest in anyother tv shows. My 17 month old niece loves tv she dosent care what is on as long as it is cartoons, she really likes Dora and the Backyardagins. I limit my son to his one show in the morning and one show in the afternoon after his nap, Mickey mouse club house comes on again at 200.

  11. I don't have any children of my own, but I have two young sisters. My mom flopped those kids in front of the TV at an early age. I would say about 6 months. Since their attention span isn't very long, the TV can be on all day, but they'll probably only watch about 20-30 minutes at most. Ages 1 and 5. Background noise while they are playing.

  12. 1. )My daughter started watching TV when she was about two. 2. )Now she is three and watches Noggin off and on during the day. 3. )I let her watch TV, because she enjoys it, and it also acts as another learning tool.

  13. That's great that your daughter has no interest in TV. My step daughter has watched TV since she was about 6months, yeah her mom sucks. Shes 6 now and always wants to watch TV or play video games, but I hardly ever turn it on for her. I tell her no, you've a whole house full of pricey toys, go play with them

  14. My toddler watches about 2 hrs a day. He is at school all day (preschool) then we get home have a snack and goes and watches tv. For a while . Till dinner. . Then plays. . Go by age maybe? Blues clues, Dora, Sesame Steet. . That will get her attention. I am sure if I stayed home the time would be distributed. Like morning Nick Jr. While eating breakfast. Then off. Then a little after naptime while I make dinner. Then off.

  15. My son first started watching PBS shows like Barney and Teletubbies when he was about 18 months old (maybe 1 hour in the morning at the most, for those two shows). Now he's five and LOVES watching tv. I try to limit it to three shows a day, or maybe two hours a day, mostly after he comes home from school, and only kid shows. My main concern is to have him do more creative things during the time he's at home, like playing with his trains, cars, dinosaurs, or working on arts and writing/reading, instead of "vegging" in front of the tv.

  16. My son (18 months) doesn't formally watch television, simply because I don't watch it during the day. In the evening when his Dad is watching the news he comes in and notices things on it but mainly ignores it. There are soooo many interactive things for him to do that he simply doesn't have time for any telly. Too many pans to hit or stir blocks in or fill or tip out, books to read, towers to build, toys to pull, Daddies to play "row, row" or "horsey, horsey" with. . . . . . .

  17. My son whos 2 started watching tv at 5 months in his bouncer ( not watching as so just the colours) he watches certain shows like smart teenies and the big bang all the way through the others he just lkikes to have on in the back ground. . . . . . While playing. I dont let him watch or hear anything aggressive in any way ( even soaps or news)

  18. My 2 yr old daughter started watching TV at a very early age. . . . . She was always a baby who loved & still loves music & thats what got her started. She watches about 3-4 hours of TV a day. . . . . . . . Mostely all educational though, Sesame Street, Dora & her most prized is a show called "Signing Time" it teaches children sign language. She know a lot of sign language. She also is very big into puzzles & coloring. If your little one does don't seem interested in watching TV maybe she isn't interested in what she is watching. Try Teletubies, Barney & definately try the Wiggles. As long as you let your little one watch the educational shows.

  19. My son has liked the telly from about 5 months, he would sit in front of it for a few minutes while I got his bottle ready etc, he would be transfixed, I used to live at my in laws house until he was 15 months old and the telly was constantly on but now we have our own flat (hes 21 months) he watches it for maybe 2 hours a day altogether, for about 20 mins in the morning, 20 mins while I get his lunch ready and the rest in the evening with us. He likes the music mostly so we have music playing a lot, rather than having the tv on constantly.