There are a couple of trainers that work at my gym and train with people who hire them, etc. I've seen any of their work outs but really it doesn't seem any different from what people can do by themselves? Maybe I'm not getting it. I'm having trouble getting over a plateu and am taking little steps backwards and was thinking of training with a PT. . But is it really worth it. After looking around, I learned — Great question. First make sure the trainers are certified. Go to this site for help: There are small tips that would be hard to notice if you didn't know what to look for. I have exercised regularly for over 17 years. It is VERY important that your form on each exercise is correct. It can mean the difference between great results and just wasting your time. Read this article and click on the resources for more: Have fun.

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  1. Personal Trainers can teach people proper form, which makes a huge difference in your results. Your body adapts to your work out, therefore once it becomes used to your routine, you will see less results. A trainer can help develop a new routine for you. Some people need them for motivation. If you have an appointment with a trainer you're more likely not to skip the gym right?A knowledgeable trainer should be able to get you over your plateau but changing up your workout.