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Have casinos increased house advantage over time? For example, have they add more cards. Well, I have your answer. Table games in general have better ods than machines do so they generally are a better way to gamble. A few exceptions are novelty table games with huge advantages such as the BIG SIX with a 16% H. A. In blackjack, many casinos have adopted the policy of instructing their dealers to hit on a soft 17, which increases the house advantage by a fair amount. Also becoming shockingly more popular than it should are games where blackjacks pay only 6:5… Blackjack has been dealt for a long time, and blackjacks have payed 3:2 for a long time, the fact that people are allowing this to happen is ludicrous, In addition to this rule change which is generally only found on single deck games, but sometimes shoe games as well, you will also find several other minor rule changes such as, the dealer hits a soft 17,. And you arnt allowed to double down after splitting. The casinos may go further to even use a cut card in their single deck games, because having a cut card increases the house advantage for a very unobvious reason. The effect fo a cut card is strongest in a single deck game. In blackjack more cards does mean worse odds, but the effect is very trivial when making the leap from 6 decks to 8 decks, it however somewhat large when making the leap from 2 decks to 8 decks. I dont see other ways that they could change other table games, other than as one person suggested, odds in craps. Stay away from 6:5 blackjack games, the house advantage is over 3X as large as any other blackjack game. The house advanatage in a game where the dealer htis a soft 17 is 1. 5X as large I really only know stuff about blackjack not other games in the casinos, but since blackjack is the most desirable table game, this info woudl rpresent most fo the table games.

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