Stationary Bikes

Would you recommend adding a stationary bike to my workout. I already to cardio 5 days a week but I feel I need to pick it up a little. So, are stationary bikes really worth the money? I found one for about 197$ what do you think. Essentially — I like stationary bikes for indoor training. I don’t want to put the wear on my road bike’s components when I’m not riding it outside. Also, you sweat a lot riding indoors and sweat is very corrosive. Replacing just the cranks costs more than the $197 purchase price of that stationary bike. I combat stationary bike boredom with books, magazines, and my iPod. Lots of people watch TV, but I find that too mind numbing except for Mythbusters. HTH

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2 Replies to “Stationary Bikes”

  1. it would not hurt to have one ,or a little extra excersise ,just dont over do it,its good for the leg muscles and butt so go for it,and you can watch tv while you do.

  2. if you already cycle then spin bikes are the way to go they increase your leg speed and indurance, if you have a road bike I recomend a turbo trainer because they are cheapish and you are riding your normal bike. . . . or you could even use rollers but they take to much concentration.