I really want to join the softball team at my school in the spring. So can you please answer these questions to help me out. . THANKS.. 1) Whats the difference between softball and baseball? 2) What is most important besides good teamwork and a good attitude(I have these already)? 3) When should I start training? (its too cold now) 4) How often should I practice with a friend? 5) On a scale of 1-10, 10 being best, how much fun is softball. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. 1) Softball uses a larger ball than baseball. The pitchers mound is closer to home plate. The distance between each base is mostly 60 feet, I think, instead of 90 for baseball. Softball you have to pitch overhand, whereas baseballyou have to pitch underhand.

2. Nothing is more important than teamwork and attitude. It is all about haivng fun and playing your hardest.

3. You should start training as soon as possible. If you have never played before, you should start training now and find someone to throw with everyday.

4. As much as possible. Find someone whoever likes playing softball and they will probably be willing to play with you.

5. For me baseball is 10 and softballwould be like 8 just because I like baseball so much. It depends on the person. Most females often play softball more than baseball.

Thank you for watching Alicia Brown's softball skills/recruiting video. Alicia will be graduating from Glendora High School in the Spring of 2014. She is a v. . .

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  1. Im hard core softball . My whole family is1. Dont even worry about the difference . Obviously everyone is telling u bigger ballls . Bats are different . Length and crapthe girls . There attitudes . Girls can be b*tches on the field . Dont be afraid to stand up for urself . WHO CARES about what they think2. Work hard, dont care about anything else . Ur out there to play for yourself . If a girl messes up . Just say thank god that wasn't me . You can control the field . Make urself a leader . No what ur doing at all times3. Its FREEZING out where I am . Im playing softball tornaments right now . I go outside and play softball in the winter . U can go into gyms and practice with ur parents or ur friends . 4. Practice as often as you can. 5. Its off the charts for me . Its my passion . Dont play it if you dont want to , because that doesnt make it fun . U have to really love it

  2. Softball has a bigger ball, farther spread out bases and a few different rules. Other than good teamwork and attitude, you should try to be very coachable(try to follow all of coach's instructions). Start training now, if you don't know how the sport I played, look up rules and some indoor drills too. SOFTBALL IS 11 FOR ME….

  3. Softball is pitched underhanded ,i play slowpitch softball it very fun to play. You could start throwing this winter just make sure you keep your arm warm ,

  4. The difference between softball and baseball is softball is better in all seriousness a softball is bigger in diameter and a very vibrant color of yellow. The field is smaller then a baseball field. While in baseball the bases are 90ft apart in softball they ate 60ft. The pitchers mound in 43ft not 60ft. And in softball you can use a composite or aluminum bat. The furthest part is a softball field is 230ft at center field. And the infield is all dirt. The pitchers mound is flat. You need a faster reaction time in softball. The pitcher does a windmill not over handYou need to start training right away… Softball isn't seasonal . Workout inside on strength and cardio. You need to have the ability to be willing to do anything. This includes diving on the ground in the grass and dirt. Give it 200% every practice And game or you shouldn't be allowed to playSoftball is a 1,000,000,000,000 on that scale…

  5. 1. The softball is larger diameter, the bases are closer together. 2. Running is fundemental to all sports need to be able to run the faster the better. In softball and baseball you must be able to throw the ball, catch the ball, and hit the ball. If you can do that you can play, the better you can do those things the better you can play. 3. Now, ride a stationary bike if its too cold to run outside, playing catch with a football is a good way to build up throwing strength, college baseball players do that in the off season. Catch will also help your hand eye coordination. Many places have indoor batting cages. If not my coach had me get an old broom stick and toss up gravels and hit them with the broom stick. If you can hit a pea gravel with a broom stick you can hit a softball with a bat. 4. See (3) your going to need a friend to play catch with. Also might make the running and batting practice more fun. Daily would be great 3 times a week would be the minimum. 5. That depends on you. Usually the better you can play the more fun you'll have. If you enjoy the practice and the training you love the games.

  6. Differences between softball and baseball: softball does not have a pitchers mound. . . There is a 6 foot (?)circle. softball bases are 60 feet apart, not 90 like baseball. Outfield fence is about 200 feet away from home plate. softball pitches are underhand (from a circular wind-up, typically). softball is a larger ball. Other differences are more subtle–pinch running, etc. No leading off until the pitcher releases the ball (although this may differ from state to state, I'm not sure). Otherwise, the rules are pretty similar to baseball. Physical attribute–good hand/eye coordination to be able to catch the ball and hit the ball. Depending on your position–good throwing form. Much of this can be taught or caught up on. Start training as soon as you can. It may be going to a gym for a few hours to throw the ball around. Eventually, you will want to go to the batting cage (if your town has one) to practice hitting. Practice as often as you wish/can. Just tossing the ball back and forth, moving further apart to build up your arm strength (it takes a while for your arm to gain the strenght needed). Softball can definitely be a10. If just needs to be something you want to do. Sometimes, it will suck, but a positive attitude will make it pretty fun.

  7. 1. . . Size of field and size of ball are the major differences. Then you have small minor ones like not being able to leave base you are on until ball is released from pitchers hand. 2. . . Work HARD. Practice practice and more practice is only way youll get better at hitting, Fielding, and/or Pitching. . . Thats most important thing in athletics after strong positive attitude. 3. . When you should start working on skill-sets depends on the position you play. If you pitch, I would start throwing up to 3 weeks before season, building in intensity and duration of yer workouts closer to season start that you got. Build stamina, and arm strength and work on control and location OFTEN. Build a Target 3 feet by 4 feet high, situate it 2 feet off ground, and 40 feet away from you, and throw and concentrate on throwing to the target. . The thing that frustrates most young pitchers in baseball AND softball is their lack of control in the beginning of their careers and even in beginning of season. YOu may throw very hard, but often have no idea where the balls going. Learn yer mechanics, and repeat them RELIGEOUSLY. . . The Control WILL come. Now if yer a Fielder, you can start to work on that closer to the start of season. Hitting you actually need less time with learning, once you have a good swing, which never leaves you, its like riding a bike, then it becomes simply about learning how to read and recognize and time pitches. . That comes with facing live pitching in games, so dont worry about yer hitting. . If you can hit, you'll hit. 4. . . Practice as much as you can stomach, it only goes to making you a more polished player. 5. . . Scale of 1 to 10. . . Softball is a solid 8 1/2-9. I played 8 years, I loved it. But I say 8 1/2-9 because nothings perfect.

  8. 1. Softball= bigger ball thrown underhand baseball=smaller ball thrown overhand2. Fielding skills3. When u try-out for softball that should be training4. Whenever it is sunny outside and u and your friend have the time5. 9 sometimes the umps are unfair