In Soccer/Football what's the difference between being yellow carded, booked by the referee, and cautioned? Thanks. Also – what are the repercussions of each of them. Do they all merit a yellow card? Are they just different reasons for yellow carding. Basically… Wow, by the answers given its apparent that America still has a long way to go to understanding soccer. This is however a good question. A Caution is when a referee talks to a player about a situation. The player has been cautioned. A caution is not recorded on the game report. A Yellow card is given for various reasons, but usually occurs because a foul was committed. Or maybe a cautioned player continued with a behavior he was warned to stop. When a player receives a card the referee must record it on the game report. The act of recording the card is referred to as being booked. So yes, being booked means that a player has received either a yellow or red card. Hope that helps

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  1. There's no such thing in soccer as being "booked" or "cautioned", there's only "yellow card" which is a warning for some minor violation of the rules or "red card" which means you're out of the game for a major or repeated violation(s) of the rules.

  2. Yellow carded. . . For a hard tackle while not touching the ball. . . For example stepping on another players foot or sliding into their shin. . Booked. . . A blatant foul,drawing blood from another player,shoving or punching another playerCautioned. . . . A referee has the choice of cautioning a player for unsportsmanlike play or a rough tackle. . . This type of referee is preferred by players as he will basically let the players play the game without a lot of stoppage time

  3. First of all its called FOOTBALLand there isn't any difference its all the same thing, just different ways of saying 'yellow carded' these phrases are normally used in england