Sky Diving

I’m trying to decide wheather I should do sky diving or Bungee jumping. This is my frist time. Which one did you do first and why? Also, how did it felt right before you jumped out of the plane, and how if felt when you landed. And for those of you who would never do this. Why wouldn’t you. I think I found an answer. Sky Diving. I would LOVE to go sky diving. . Not so keep on the bungee jumping though. . More mistakes get made in bungee than sky diving (that i’ve heard of) and if you’re going to subject yourself to that insane amount of fear you might as well really go for it and jump out of a plane 1000ft up, rather than a bit of a ledge above a pool (unless you’re doing it off an overhanging cliff or something, that could be cool. . But that’s just my personal preference.). My cousin went sky diving and said she was TERRIFIED before she jumped and while she was falling, but when the chute opened she thought it was the biggest, greatest adrenaline rush ever and once she landed she wanted to go straight back up and do it again.

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5 Replies to “Sky Diving”

  1. Its scary. . . but it would be an unforgettable experiance.
    I think i’d go for sky diving.

  2. I would never do either. . . . why jump out of a perfectly good plane? or off a stable bridge? Seriously, I couldnt’–too chicken and have zero desire for either, but IF I had to pick probably sky diving w/a pro holding on to me. I know both can be dnagerous, but have heard of more errors in bungee jumping than sky diving. . .

  3. it was the bigest rush in the world 1000ft above the ground and droping dont be scard just do it