Skate Boarding

I know nuthing abt skating, but I want 2 learn skating, I dont have any1 2 teach me, so which one is easy??and any tips you want 2 give me. After looking around, I learned — Skate boarding is probably easier in terms of balancing. . . But personally I think rollerskating is a better one to learn. You get will find many other things easier once you are good at roller skating, like Inline-skating which is even smoother but harder and you'll also find ice-skating much easier if you learn roller skating. Skate boarding can't be taken to as many levels unless you are performing stunts with it. Good Luck.

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12 Replies to “Skate Boarding”

  1. I find rollerskating easier but to be honest im rubbish at both. . Skate boarding was so hard, I kept falling off. Good luck x

  2. Rollerskates. I cannot do either, but I think I would prefer rollerskating

  3. Roller Skaters are easy,. . . Skateboarding is hard,. . If you can maintain balance on the board,. . Itz also easy,. . . Come to me,. . I'll teach you.

  4. Rollerskating is easier than skateboardingin rollerskating u only need to no balance if u no dat its very easy 4 u……………