Planning on rowing to catalina island with a friend. Don't know any of the obstacles or problems that we would encounter. Please let us know what we should prepare for and how long it will take. We are in good shape. I think I found an answer. Ummm, how do you row a sturdy raft ? Doesn't seem like you would make much headway. My guess is the southerly current in the Santa Barbara Channel will sweep you south and past Catalina Island and into the Naval firing test range off San Clemente and/or San Nicolas Islands. . As an alternative why not drive to the southern tip of South America.

WSJ's Stu Woo wanted a taste of Olympic-level rowing so he asked the Winklevoss twins of "The Social Network" fame, to teach him.

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  1. ::sigh::The most difficult people to deal with are people who THINK they know what they are doing, but have no clue. Obstacles: WindCurrentWavesFatigueNavigationProfessional rowers, in a top-of-line rowing boat (streamlined, like a scull), take a little more than 6 hours. A raft? Why not just try to row the Queen Mary out there? Don't take my word for it, contact the California Yacht Club. They actually sponsor races in rowboats.

  2. A kayak might be a better choice of boat than a raft. Consider that the distance is 26 miles if you can stay on a straight course. And how much open-water rowing experience do you have? Practice this. Still, this sounds like an interesting adventure; and if you proceed with it, best of luck to you. I'd suggest starting early in the morning so you'll have maximum daylight. And bring waterproof charts and a compass, as well as an emergency radio or EPIRB (look it up at the boat supply stores. ).

  3. Didn't Malcolm X originate the phrase "A mind is a terrible thing to waste"? Your primary obstacle if you were dumb enough to try this stunt would be the Coast Guard, or the Harbor Patrol that would immediately put a stop to this endeavor before you both got drowned.

  4. Whales, cruise ships and very large cargo ships come to mind as obstacles that might run into you. None of them will even notice running you over. The wake from those large vessels will capsize you. Why don't you practice rowing in Marine Stadium and then work up to the Long Beach Bay and after that try open water paddling.