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Does anyone have some interesting facts on the South Pole. After looking around, I learned — I'm assuming that you mean the actual Pole itself rather than Antarctica (many people use the term "South Pole" to refer to the entire continent). 1. It's the southern axis about which the earth turns.

2. It was reached first by Roald Amundsen and four other Norwegian explorers on Dec. 14, 1911 beating out R. F. Scott's British expedition by over a month.

3. There is a permanent American base there named for Amundsen and Scott. During the austral summer, hundreds of people are stationed there. Fewer than 50 winter over.

4. The thickness of the ice at the pole is more than 9000 feet.

5. The elevation of the pole is about 9200 feet.

6. There is actually a barber pole to mark the pole – called the Ceremonial Pole it has the barber pole surrounded by the flags of the original signers of the Antarctic Treaty. Visitors often have there picture taken here.

7. The actual location of the pole has to be surveyed in annually because the ice moves about 40 feet per year. The US Geological Survey surveys in the pole on Jan. 1 and places a marker here with a brass marker on top of it. Every year, the brass marker has a different design. There are NO penguins at the pole – they are on the coast of Antarctica, not on the polar plateau.

Video, kter popisuje v obrazech a pr textech innost naeho sboru. Jedn se o drobn REMAKE pvodnho videa "SDH Brno Krlovo Pole".

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