Ping Pong

I’m not sure if its a sport or not, but does it help build a little muscle? Or help your hand-eye coordination? Thanks. Basically… Ping pong is a great recreational sport. When I was seriously involved with ping pong competively, it becomes table tennis. Table tennis is an Olympic sport. I do not think you will get as much as a workout with ping pong. But, when you elevate the intensity to table tennis, you will get some benefits since you have a lot of short burst of speed and intensity which is great to build lean muscle mass. If you look at the competitive table tennis players (check out YouTube), you can see many who do loops (a kind of attack move just like a chop or top spin move) will have developed and muscular legs. It does help your hand-eye coordination a bit. Keep playing ping-pong (or table tennis) but you can add other sports such as basketball or even do body weight exercises such as push-ups etc. Keep learning. JR

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  1. It does not help to build muscles but it improves hand eye coordination, endurance , weight loss and general fitness