Pay For College Athletes

Should they? I mean the NCAA has an annual revenue of over 700 million dollars. Now I know that college athletes get free board and room but still they NCAA is making so much money it would be grossly unfair not share any of that? What do you guys think? Please be descriptive and detailed to be chosen as best answer. I was happy to learn… College athletes should NOT get paid. They already have the equivalent of a part time job earning their so-called athletic "scholarships" by playing a sport. I say so-called "scholarships" because many of them are definitely NOT scholars. College athletics are already overly hyped and overly glorified. That's why many "jock" schools pay their coaches more than their presidents. College should be a place for education. A college that promotes athletics at the expense of academics is a disgrace. . But it happens.

Sports agent Eugene Lee discusses paying stipends to student-athletes.

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  1. Don't forget tuition, and book stipends. I am not doing your homework, I am very opinionated about this issue, and its a negative one. They SHOULD GRADUATE TOO.