Nordic Skiing

I'm thinking about joing my high school's ski team, im a freshman so just new to everything. I need a winter sport to do and was jus thinking, skiing sounds fun. I'm not some prodigy, jus a beginner looking for some fun. Wat do I need to know about the two and what should I expect? Thank you .(:. Basically… Well Nordic and Alpine skiing are two different things. Nordic skiing consists of skiing on flat snow covered areas with very slim skis, Nordic skiing is usually a scenery thing where you follow trails. Alpine skiing is on the mountain skiing, with wider skis that carve into the side of the mountain. When you visit a ski resort you can either choose if you want to ride the beginner hills or if you want to ride the big steep hills, I prefer Alpine skiing because when you get good at it, there is nothing else like it. Overall I would say its a great though you have of joining the school ski team. But if you have a choice I would personally recommend Alpine skiing. Even though it might take a while to get used to, it is really worth it.

Olympic and World cup racers demonstrate the traditional cross country (nordic) skiing technique. Diagonal Stride For the comprehensive professional version . . .

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  1. Alpine skiing is better known as downhill skiing whereas Nordic skiing is known as cross country skiing. Cross country skiing does not require a slope and is more physically demanding. Alpine is faster and most would say more exciting but it's also riskier. No a lot of difference in equipment needs except that cross country skis are mostly longer. You pays your money and takes your choice. Ian M