Nordic Skiing

I am a pretty out of shape teenage girl. I am 14 years old, am a freshman in highschool and will be joining Nordic skiing this year. I know that it is pretty physically demanding, and so I would like some tips on getting in shape for this season. I was running 3 miles a day, but got bored of that and so now I have to start up again. Any tips would be welcome. Thanks. Essentially — Running, walking, bicycling, even figure skating are all good exercises. You can alternate days where you ride, walk, run or skate. Exercise with a friend or teammate to make it less boring. Nordic skiing will get you in shape for sure. Start slow and work up to your goals.

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  1. Hiking with trekking poles (actually using them), trail running, rollerblading, climbing gym. . . Basically anything that gets the muscles moving.