Monsters 20 1 Gorz 3 Super nimble hamste 3 black horse 3 black sheep 3 white sheep 2 mara 2 valkary 2 tyir Spells 10 3 Mst 1 Heavy 1 Dark hole 2 March towards raknarok 1 book of moon 2 upstart goblins Traps 10 2 warnings 1 judgment 2 bottomless 3 dark bribe 2 authority Extra deck 9 2 Odins 2 Thors 2 Loki 1 Stardust dragon 1 Mist wurm 1 Black rose dragon Please rate and comment help me get it to tournament ready thanks. After looking around, I learned — The best nordic deck is the beast version. You have it more or less right but you have the extra nordic monsters are useless. You can better use support cards instead. The most effective nordic deck (and even slightly competative) is a chaos version. Here is the version i've been playing and it beats the top teir decks 3 hampster 3 white goat 3 black goat 2 hoarse 1 ryko 1snowman eater 1 reaper 3 tour guide 1 sangan 2 effect veiler 2 maxx c 1 gorz 1 BLS 1 chaos sorc (25) 2 pot of duality 3 MST 1 heavy storm 1 dark hole 1 monster reborn 1 book of moon (9) 2 warning 2 dark bribe 1 judgment 1 chain 2 Thor fill with synchros and XYZ this deck is much more effetive

Produced by the Nordic Council, this documentary explores the magnificent landscapes and culture of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden.

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  1. This is alright but I would look up more nordic and aesir cards plus try to see if you can find lightning unicorn and the rest of them. Got to yugiohcardguide. Com this should help