I want to know what alpine skiers and nordic skiers wear when they ski and what kind of equipment both different skiers use. Well, I have your answer. This answer pertains to recreational skiers; race skiers will use different/additional equipment. Alpine skiers generally use snowpants and a ski jacket with one and mostly more base layers underneath that as outerwear. Helmets are required by many ski resorts for safety reasons: However, any people do choose not to use them. With the helmet comes goggles. They come in a variety of sizes, lens tints, and colors. These act a) as sunglasses (essentially) to shelter your eyes from the sun's glare, and b) to protect your eyes from the wind and snow as you hurtle downhill. (Who'd've thought that a pretty snowflake could hurt SO MUCH?) Alpine skiers will also require alpine skis (these do come in a variety of shapes, lengths, and styles for different disciplines) and ski boots. Poles are common but not required, although higher-lever skiers use them for things like skiing moguls. Nordic skiers, at least at the beginning level (pleasure skiing) generally wear snowpants and jackets just like an alpine skier would. As they become more advanced, the clothing can become lighter (the physical exertion makes more body heat, so you don't need so much insulation). They also require boots and skis, and poles are generally used from the beginning. Helmets are not used in Nordic skiing: Many/all people use hats instead. Of course, many people add or remove gear from this list according to the weather and their personal preferences. Remember that each of these sports is vastly different from the other. Things like poles, skis, and boots are not at all similar between them, so don't assume that you can substitute nordic skis for downhill ones. (Sorry for the disclaimer, you didn't state your familiarity with either sport. ) Of course, these are winter sports. Little things like mittens or scarves are used in both sports.