Or more specifically, how expensive is Anchorage compared to the Nordic capitals? I've been to Reykjavk and Helsinki and both were very expensive. It would be nice if it was a bit cheaper. What I found out was – I've never been to the Nordic countries, but I've been to Europe (Ireland, UK, Germany, Switz, Austria, Italy), my answer is assuming that the Nordic countries are consistent with other European cities. Anchorage will be considerably less expensive. Anchorage is a large city, with similar prices/cost of living to other US west coast cities (i. E. Seattle, Portland, OR). You shouldn't find things like groceries, gasoline etc. To be very different price wise. Where Alaska gets expensive is when you go to places that can only be accessed by plane (Barrow for example), everything there comes in via airplane (milk, meat, vegetables, electronics etc. ), so it's expensive to transport goods there, therefore the prices are higher. That being said, if your going there on holiday summer is Alaska's tourist season. Alaskan summers are short and the businesses who cater to tourists have a short window to make their living. So – lodging, guided fishing trips and most other tourist related services will likely be expensive. Alaska has a very low tax rate, unlike Europe and Canada who have very high tax rates (to pay for all those social services ya'll have). Therefore the tax burden on goods and services is lower. America doesn't have a VAT.