I'm mostly German and Dutch with a little french and english. I'm tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. Would I be considered nordic? And are germany and holland considered nordic countries? Also, do you have to be fully from a nordic country to be nordic? Like if someone was say, german, finnish, itallian, and polish,, but with brown hair hazel eyes would it still be considered ? Or is it necessary to have blonde hair blue eyes. Even if you come fully from a nordic country? Thanks. Essentially — Nordic countries: Norway. Sweden. Finland. Iceland. Denmark is not considered Nordic,either by Danes or by people in other Nordic countries. Ethnicity has to do with your ancestors,not how you look. If both your parents or all 4 of your grandparents are Nordic,so are you – regardless of your appearance.

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  1. The native people from Scandinavia, Holland & Germany are germanic by ethnicity they can have green, blue, brown eyes and hair nordic is mostly a description of appearance so if you have (yellow) blonde hair and blue eyes you are nordic but that doesn't mean that you are not germanic.

  2. Going with previous answer but I'd often mention that Norway / Sweden is "more" Nordic than Finland at least ethnically. Finnish people are more leaned towards Russia and I'd say the "purest" Nordics are Swedes.