How is ur version of monopoly played. . . What are the basic rules. Well, I have your answer. From your question, I'm presuming that you are bored of playing Monopoly by the rules as printed, and are looking for different "House Rules" to try and switch the game up a bit. "House Rules" House rules are rules applying only in a certain location or organization. A common use of the term is to signify a deviation of game play from the official rules. The usage of house rules is encouraged in a number of official game materials, as a way to personalize the game. Here are any good sites for Monopoly House Rules: Theres a lot more out there if you want to dig through them: Also check BoardGameGeek for any different ideas for Monopoly rules. . Monopoly Here's one for "No dice; players remain in game even in bankruptcy or retirement" Other info: "An interesting article on improving Monopoly. " "Monopoly: A Review with Strategy Discussion" Some good ideas, but still an old tired game. . Especially since there are So Many Awesome "New" games out there. If you like Monopoly, consider "trading up" to Acquire Hope this helps.

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  1. We go by the rules in the book, except the bank always has $500 in the middle of the board, and everytime someone has to pay taxes or has to pay money when they take a chance or draw from the community chest, they put that money in the middle as well. Whoever lands on free parking gets that money. That's really the only change we made.