Martial Arts

What martial arts do they teach moves such as flipping people over and take downs? What martial arts do they teach foot sweeps? Do they wait until you're a black belt before they teach these moves? If anyone on here is a martial artist, teacher or student, please answer, thanks. Well, I have your answer right here. Pretty much all traditional martial arts teach that. In Chinese martial arts there are four categories of fighting. Da. (Hitting with the hands. ) Ti. (Striking with the feet) Shaui Jiao. (Includes the thowing, sweeping,and take downs aspect. ) Chin Na. (Locking the joints etc. ) These elements can also be found in pretty much all the other traditional arts. From the various styles of Karate and Jujutsu, to the less well know styles of things like Kuntao. Normally they don't wait till black belt, any styles of Jujutsu and Wushu go right into it. Hope that helps.

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  1. It sounds like Judo is the martial art you're after . Most martial arts do teach take downs, but Judo focuses on it more than others. I did Shotokan and learned any really effective take downs. When I did Judo, they did teach a lot of take downs, but I found any to be less realistic than others. Just my opinion.

  2. All of them, I think. We learn this in TKD, but it only gets really serious after you reach first black. Some of the moves are pretty dangerous, so the instructor needs to know that he can count on all participants staying under control.