I’m am nearly 17 years old and I want to run marathons. I know you have to be 18 to run marathons and I respect that. I want to know from maybe experienced marathon runners just how hard they are, how hard you have to train and for how long. The furthest I have run has been 8 miles that was a bout 3 months ago and I felt really comfortable when I finished, my legs felt fine and they didn’t cramp or ache the next day and I wasn’t tired or out of breath and I know I could have gone on for a hell of a lot further. Do I have the attributes of a marathon runner. I want to do the London marathon when i’m 18 and if I can cope alright I want to go around the world doing marathons. Do you think this is a good goal. Today I found out that… The marathon distance may be completed by nearly anyone whoever is reasonably healthy and prepares for a minimum of six months. There are dozens of resources on the internet that can provide you with a sample training schedule. How hard are they? They may be very difficult if you decide you want to not only complete them but run fast times. I personally have had moments during marathons where I felt I was near death. I have raced distances up to 50K several times and always found that for me, the 30K and marathon are the most challenging. If you are interested in running marathons quickly I recommend that you develop your leg speed by training for shorter events beginning with the 5K distance. These shorter races will help prepare you physically and mentally for the marathon and as they are less taxing on your body, they may be run nearly every other weekend. Your goal is a good one. Traveling around the world running marathons would be a dream come true for many, many runners.

Sage rants (WARNING: LONG RANT) about the basics of how the body uses fat and carbohydrates as fuel sources when running for long periods of time. He alludes. . .

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  1. Every goal is good!! I have never ran a marathon, the furthest I have run is 17 miles, though I am also hoping to do a marathon when I am18. I am currently training for a half-marathon, and am really excited. Every goal is important and you should always try your best to make them happen.

    One useful website that I like to use to help me come up with training programs is runnersworld. com. It is really neat because you can customize your training with things like how far you’ve been and how many miles you run a week, check it out!!!

    GOOD LUCK!! :]