Ice Skating

I might want to go ice skating with my friends, and I would like to know when does it start, and when does it end, as in the months. Like from what month it starts, till what month it finishes. Well, I have your answer right here. In the US, some rinks offer year-round ice skating, but there are many "seasonal" rinks that open in the Fall and close in the early Spring because of weather and the costs of operation. Seasonal rinks mostly open in September or October and close in March or April. Most seasonal rinks are operated by a city or town's Parks and Recreation Department. If the rink doesn't have its own website, check out the Parks Department site for your town. They mostly list the planned schedule, although it might open a little later than planned if the weather's unseasonably warm.

Olympic figure skating silver medalist Sasha Cohen takes Michelle out on the ice rink and teaches her a few basic ice skating tips and moves in this exclusiv. . .

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  1. Skating is usually year-round at any rinks. have fun. if you really want to see any awesome figure skating, tune in to NBC on October 22 to watch Skate America by the USFSA. It will be awesome.