Ice Fishing

Every thing I need in a list. And so today I found out that… Ice fishing equipment if going alone: Ice auger Sled for auger or vehicle if the ice is thick enough. Mouth spreader Hook sharpener Bait bucket Small shovel-collapsable if possible Ice picks-could be a lifesaver. Preferred ice fishing equipment: Vexilar/Fish Finder Ice Fishing Shelter Propane heater Spud bar (for checking ice thickness) Camera (disposable works best) Ice cleats Ice Anchoring System Small flashlight. (I prefer one that you wear) Lantern Matches or Lighter (for propane heater) Tip-ups-preferably the freeze-free type Leaders for tip-ups Quickstrike rigs for tip-ups Bait for tip-ups-herring, smelt sardines, etc. Cell-phone GPS “Glow-buster” glo-jig light. (They are new this year and pretty cool.) Luxury Ice Fishing Equipment: Underwater camera Two-way radios to talk to your buddies Ice Fishing House Strike sensors for tip-ups Optional Ice Fishing odds and ends: Food Drinks Hand Towel Gaff- to remove large fish Sunglasses If you take kids: Extra gloves Tissues (those noses run all the time.) Lot’s of snacks A small sled to entertain them

Another adventure in Minnesota Ice Fishing. This was a warm day and you get to see just how many people get out on the ice when the conditions are nice. Anot. . .

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