Hot Tubs

I bought a hot tub from my friend that is going to be put on my deck in my backyard. I know absolutely nothing about hot tubs and was wondering what type of price range im looking at to get this installed. I know its not going to be cheap but I just want to be prepared at what to expect and what might be too much ( incase someone tries to rip me off). Any price ranges or examples would be great. Thanks . And so today I found out that… Make sure they check the load capacity of you existing deck. Decks are mostly made to fit the need and I doubt yours was built with the thought in mind of someday having a hot tub on it. .

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  1. Hot tubs are fairly simple pieces of equipment, contrary to what most people think. You didn't mention what part of the world you're in so I suggest you put a post on craigslist. Org and get at minimum of three quotes to have the work done. Make sure they are all bidding on the same task. You will probably get any different ideas from each tradesmen but their prices should all be within $100 to $200 of each other. CHECK THEIR REFERENCES. I wouldn't stop with just a phone call to one of their customers. I would take the time to go SEE them. I hope that helps.