Hot Tubs

With my last two pregnancies, my doctor has told me im fine to go in hot tubs, as long as I dont stay in too long. I'm now seeing another doctor for my third, as I moved. He has just toldme im not allowed to go in hot tubs, never, not even for 5 minutes. . Why would he say this, but my other docs have told me its fine??? What are the risks if I were to go in for 5 min. Well, I have your answer right here. My personal decision was not to go in hot tubs during my first trhymester. Once I was past that, I would go in lots (SOO relaxing), but I set the temp to no more then 100 and monitored myself carefully for when I felt I was overheating. Your new doctor is probably just not taking any chances, because there's lots of dumb women out there who would go in a very hot tub and not take the precautions. He wouldn't want his tail on the line if something should go wrong. The risk is highest during a) your first trhymester and b) if the hot tub actually raises your body temperature. Alot of doctors feel that hot tubs are fine because we women naturally feel uncomfortable when our temps get too high and get out of the tub. I wouldn't worry about it. Like I said, I followed the 'rules' I set for myself for the two pregnancies we had a hot tub and all was perfectly fine. I SO loved going it it during labour too—very helpful..

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  1. Your core body temperature should not go over 100 – 102 degrees especially in the first trhymester it is now known to cause to Neural Tube defects.

  2. I advise against it. My doctor always makes a point at every appointment to tell me no hot showers or anything. Dont wanna boil the baby.

  3. Because hot water can literally cook your baby. . . The water may seem fine to you. . But the baby is already VERY warm by your body temperature and it will just get worse when your in hot water. I would not risk it.

  4. I would advise against it could cause premature labor there are warnings on my hot tub stay out of them

  5. I talked to my doctor about the same thing, and she told me no hot tub at all. The hot water can basically cook the baby is how she put it. Weird but who knows. She said nothing above like 80 degrees or something.

  6. Anything over 100 degrees is dangerous for the baby. We can help control our body temp, but the baby is stuck inside and can't find ways to cool down. It is dangerous for the baby.

  7. Avoid them. . Too much heat is not good for the body when you're pregnant and your uterus can "let go" of the baby which causes in miscarriage.

  8. As long s the tempature does not exceed 98 degrees it is safe for a short period of time, any hotter than that could be dangerous for the baby.

  9. The risks are rising your core body temperature, which can cause brain damage to the baby. If your temperature goes above 100 degrees it isn't good and you should go to a hospital right away. Most doctors recommend staying away from hot tubs, saunas and very hot baths.

  10. Your first doc was wrong. Hot tubs and saunas and tanning beds are not recommened during pregnancy. It can cause birth defects and problems because it overheats your body. My physician stated it was okay to let your legs in the water but not to submerge your belly. It probably warns you of this on a sign near the hot tub or in the manual about this. Just play it safe.