Hang Gliding

I'm very interested in doing a tandem hang gliding ride but I need permission from my parents and they will not let me. I can tell my dad is on the fence about it, considering he's always wanted to go as well, but my mom is completely set against it. She's concerned about my safety even though I've told her how safe hang gliding really is. How can I get them to say yes because I REALLY WANT TO GO. I was happy to learn… I am completely addicted to hang gliding, so I may be biased. Hang gliding do carry risks just like many other sports. . Hang gliding is actually much less dangerous then a sport like scuba diving for example. Type in "most dangerous sport" in your search engine and see if Hang gliding will be anywhere in the search results. I'll bet you won't list. . Scuba diving is number one on any lists. You are in fact more likely to get hurt on your way there or back than during the flight. Need more ammunition. . To be a hang gliding tandem pilot you have to have years of experience, past numerous tests and be licensed. A hang glider has many built in safety features that will prevent the glider from stalling and to recover from dives. Something that not many people know is that you can actually let go of the control bar while in flight. A hang glider is so stable that it will continue flying at it's trim position in a straight line. If this doesn't work tell them that you will have a parachute. 99. 9% of hang gliding pilots fly with them, even though 99. 8% of them will never get to use them. (The percentages are completely made up but I am pretty sure it is something like that. ) Of all the people in my hang gliding club I don't know of one who has ever used it. If your wing does come apart in flight – which will never happen because all good pilots do proper pre flight inspections – you can use the parachute and float safely down to the ground. Hope I didn't scare you with the wing coming apart in flight bit. If you do get it right to convince your parents be prepared your life will never be the same again. Leonardo Da Vinci said that if you have flown once in your life you will spend the rest of your days looking at the sky wishing you could be up there. I am living proof of this. Enjoy it..

My very first 'high flight' at Maitlands outside of Port Elizabeth. Yes, there were MANY problems, including a slight cross wind on take off, me pivoting whi. . .

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  1. Wait til you're old enough to do it without their permission. It is not fair to put them under so much pressure. Frankly, I would be worried if they didn't care about you hang gliding – it is a very dangerous pastime. At least it shows they care. Hang in there.