I really want a golf cart but I want to know how much they are and I would like to know which ones you reccomend. I don't know if I want a gas or an electric one so that will help if you have any tips too. Thanks. What I found out was – Hi there. Golf carts are mostly divided into types based on how they are powered, and the cost of purchasing and maintaining them varies by type. Electric golf carts are fine for golfers who will use their carts only on the golf course. Those using their golf carts in more all-terrain environments, at construction sites, or during camping or skeet shooting trips will probably want a gas powered golf cart as it can handle varying terrain and long distances better. The price of golf carts also depends on whether you are buying a new or a used golf cart. A used golf cart can mostly be purchased for half the price of a brand new one. This means you could save as much as $2,500 on a used electric golf cart and upwards of $3,500 on a gas powered golf cart. For more information try to check this site and hit me a reply :

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  1. I think it's much safer to have an electronic golf cart. It may cost around $5,000. Although, high-end carts may cost up to $30,000.