Flying For Fun

I have been flying internationally since 1964 and I seem to remember that flying was fun and quite chi chi. Were the aircraft seats wider and was there more legroom in those days? What makes it seem so much more pleasant and glamorous back then when compared to today. What I found out was – I first started flying in the mid-70's and by my recollection, yes, the seats were a little wider, and there was more leg room. I was a drinker and a smoker in those days and both those things you could do on an aircraft. Likely you were sitting next to someone else smoking and drinking so it was almost a "bar" like atmosphere in the plane. Conversations flowed freely and it was really quite enjoyable. Now, it seems the atmosphere on a plane is so stressed and tense that people are agitated and annoyed.

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  1. 1. It was more expensive to fly in those days so most of the people who did it were wealthy, attractive, well-dressed people going to exotic destinations, also since fewer people flew, planes sat fewer people leading to more legroom2. Flight attendants had to wear high-heels and jewelry and look like Barbie dolls at all times (before feminism did away with all that)3. Before the days of hijackings and shoebombs, security measures permitted things like real silverware and china plates4. Before the 747, flights tended to be shorter because planes weren't able to fly such great distances, so people weren't spending 12-15 hours on non-stop flights5. Passengers weren't forced to stay on the plane for 4 hours while their plane sat on the tarmac waiting to be cleared for take-off6. Before airline deregulation, airlines didn't have to scrimp to cut costs at every corner like they do today. They could pay staff better, have better meals on board, newer planes, more amenities, etc; the internet made cost an even bigger issue because people could compare fares easier

  2. I have ben flying internationally since I was five. The only thing that has changed is that we (humans) have gotten larger. The size of the seats are the same as back then, maybe even bigger. I will say though, there was more offered during flights that came with the ticket, headphones, meals, movies, things like that. Nothing comes with the tickets anymore except for the same exact seats from the 60's (cushons worn out and ripped pleather). Attitude has also changed. People were gratiful that they were flying and didn't have as many high expectations.

  3. One of several things has happened. 1. You grew some. 2. airplanes have removed the roomy seats and replaced skinnier, less comfortable seats to optimize passenger count so that they can charge more money per flight per person, especially for those who are overweight. . . I believe that many airlines have modified their seats to accommodate more passengers per flight. More people are flying, so they can squeeze them into fewer flights, or increase both passenger count and flights to destinations. There are different airplanes, too. . the 727, the 747, etc. . . . Which have different cabin sizes. . Good observations.