Flying For Fun

I'm flying on Sunday around the world, is it fun. I was happy to learn… It's kind of fun for the first time because its a new experience. Taking off and landing is probably the best part of flying on a plane. Other than that its sort of a pain/hassle. If you fly economy, it sucks because the seats are too small and you have no room to stretch your legs. It sucks if you sit in the middle and have a stranger to your left and right because you can't lean to either side. The seats hardly recline so its difficult to get in a comfortable napping position. I hate running out of battery on my phone or laptop because then I would have to sit there being bored. At the actual airport it sucks because you always have trouble finding your terminal and gate. When you ask someone who works there anything, they respond in a "I hate my Job so I'm taking it out on you" tone. Passing through TSA sucks big time but that's a whole 'nother story.

If you cannot view this video due to copyright issues, please take a look at this version: Several starts and landings of any of the participants during the. . .

7 Replies to “Flying For Fun”

  1. Airports aren't a lot of fun with all the procedures you have to go through, and if you're in an economy class seat on a long flight that's not much fun either because you're cramped. I'm over 6' tall so I can't get comfortable for a snooze. Going a long distance west to east is definitely the worst: The time difference compresses your day and the human body doesn't like that at all. You want to sleep at the wrong time – that's jetlag. But after nearly 40 years of occasionally flying places, I still want a window seat if I can get it. I haven't lost that wonder of being able to look out at the clouds BELOW, or if there aren't any clouds, how small everything looks down on the ground. Of course over the sea there's just water down there. And I love to look out during take-off and landing. Let's just say it's got its good and bad points.

  2. I mean, if you're flying first class, then yes it's fun. With a first class ticket, you go through separate, quick security lines, you get to board the plane first and they give you a lot of pretty good food and the seats are really comfortable. But if you're flying economy class, you have a long security line, you may board last (in that case you may not have room for your overhead carry on), and the seats are uncomfortable. International flights are the worst economy class.

  3. Hi dear,Flying in air will not make you fun because you can't be able to see outside expect for the clouds. As per my experience, you will enjoy at the time of landing and take-off because I have enjoyed both these moment. So just cheers. Happy journey for your world tour.

  4. Yeah, it's pretty fun, but it depends on what your personality is, and who you're with. Also, if you have nothing to do but look out the window, it'll get boring quick, so make sure to bring a book, or something else to do.