I'm conducting a survey for a paper. The paper is about fencing(the sport, not like yard fences), and I need to find out what peoples thoughts/opinions are about fencing. So, what first comes to mind when you think about fencing? What do you think about people who fence(fencers)? And if you happen to know the types of fencing, what do you think about foilists vs epeeists vs sabreurs? Thanks. From what I can tell… Fencing is an exciting, fast-paced sport. It is often viewed as esoteric, but it remains a stimulating recreational activity. Personally, I think fencing is a fine one-on-one competitive sport. It is often compared to chess in that you explore your opponent's weakness and develop a strategy. You have to learn to plan a few moves ahead. It exercises both your brain and your muscles. Many people do not realize how physically challenging it is until they try it. You maintain a relatively low stance while moving in response to a dynamic opponent; it is great for the cardiovascular system. On the other hand, fencing is extremely fast, which tends to make it less exciting for spectators. It is hard to follow the action for someone unacquainted with it because exchanges can happen in fractions of a second. Electronic equipment helps with scoring, but the subtleties of action may be lost on the uninitiated. All three styles represent unique challenges that appeal to different people in their own ways. These are my rather general opinions on the styles: Foilists tend to be in it for the strategy aspects. They play the game with many feints and deceptive actions to open up the limited target area of their opponents. They tend to pride themselves on point control and finesse. Sabreurs seem to be in it for the dynamic flow of the sport. The action is fast and usually involves slashing with the blade rather than incessantly poking at your adversary. This style tends to appeal to those practicing the sport in a form of physical reminiscence for a time of swashbucklers and daring cavaliers. Epeeists tend to enjoy the offensive game. The whole body is a target, but you are confined to thrusting attacks. This means that the matches tend to be very quick and involve the whole body. The style has fewer rules, but no less strategy. It seems to appeal to the duelist, "to the first blood", nature of the competitors. I enjoy all three styles for the unique challenges and opportunities they present. Fencing is a fun and energetic activity that promotes many of the same benefits as other sports (fitness, sportsmanship, improved reflexes, an alert mind, etc. ). It should be appreciated for what it is.

Top-ranked US Fencer Race I'mboden and his teammate Miles Chamley-Watson demonstrate three fencing fundamentals to get you moving like an Olympic athlete. En . . .

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