Dog Sleds

Even with the use of snowmobiles, why is dog sledding so important? Where is dog sledding most used today and what is its practical purpose over other modes of snow travel today? (ie. Could there be actually more of an advantage to using dog sleds over a snowmobile or another motor-driven means of travel?) Thanks. I was happy to learn… First it has a cultural and historical role in many areas, and that should be kept alive and celebrated. I live and mush in Alaska, where dog teams still are regularly used, although most people are either training for races and events or recreational running dogs. It is still used by some trappers and people living in rural communities, but it not commonly the primary mode of transportation it once was before the snowgo. The expense of maintaining a dog team has really lowered the number of teams in many areas. And for all practical purposes the snowgo has replaced the dog team as primary transportation. But competitive events and recreational mushers continue to keep the tradition alive. Most people I know are totally in love with the sport and the dogs, and weather they race or run for fun it is the dog addiction that motivates them. There are some practical things about the dog team. They can "crash" or quit on you, but unlike machine some rest and food will fix that. There are some types of trail that are actually much easier to travel by dog team then snowgo. You don't make loud noise as you go along or leave smelly fuel fumes. (the other smelly things you leave behind are bio degradable) And no machine will ever love you like your dogs do

Dog Sleds, Skagway, Alaska.

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  1. If that is the case then why do people still use bikes as a use of transportation? Some people may find it fun, exhilarating. . . Just because as times have progressed and gotten easier doesn't mean we have to stop using ways of older times, although hair straighteners are a lot more convienient than an iron but look at people that hunt, (I object to it) they still do it even though they could go to a supermarket and buy it for themselves. And I actually think there is a slight advantage to using a dog-sled to a snow mobile, they can break down, you have a whole pack of dogs incase one gets hurt so you can still go on, something breaks in a snow mobile you might not be able to fix it.