Deep-sea Diving

Is it even possible? (Deep sea diving I'm talking about) If you're reading this and own a diving school. . PLEASE, give me a job in exchange for lessons ;–). Well, I have your answer. You mean recreational scuba, I gather, not commercial diving. Ain't no cheap way about it. Some vacation type schools will offer an internship, such as those in Thailand and a few in Florida. You still have to pay for your courses which will typically cost you about 10 grand, but that mostly also covers accommodation as well. Then you can work for next to nothing ( maybe even nothing at all) for a few months as an intern at the school to gain any experience Instructing. Bottom line here is EXPECT that you will be doing free work for a bit and it will cost you. Even in a local dive shop. It's the same all over. You might luck out and snag an internship from a slave driver who will only look at you if you're already a dive master, but from scratch? Nope.

An exploration team sets out to dive undiscovered, uncharted deep sea mounts 370 miles off the coast of Rio de Janeiro Brazil.