Deep-sea Diving

Because, I am very interested but I am only an average swimmer. Infact I am below average but very keen to try deep sea diving. I have done snorkling and loved it. I was happy to learn… Sammy, you don't need to be super swimmer to be a diver .. The entry level for PADI diver only require you to do free swim with out mask snorkel and fins ( swim google is fine ) for 200 M thats it and if you cannot swim very good, than you also can choose the 2nd choice, with your fins, mask and snorkel but you got to do a 300meter swim. Easy right ? Everyone can be a diver, the only Q is you wana do it or not and are you comfy with sea water ?

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3 Replies to “Deep-sea Diving”

  1. I think it would help if you could swim a reasonable distance as the currents could take you some distance from your boat: Its not like you can just stand up when you get tired ;o)

  2. As long as you can cover the distance in the swimming test for scuba diving lesson, I think you will be alright. I am not a very good swimmer either without my mask and tank/snorkle.

  3. "dre" is absolutely correct about swimming requirements for scuba diving. It's more important to learn proper "Fin Kicks" techniques than to be a swimmer. Remember, you have 2 feet of Fin to help propel you through the water.