Cross Country Skiing

I'm taking up cross country skiing so how are most of the trails like? So, are there any hills? What gear should I get? Just tell me ,ostly about the trails. I was happy to learn… Well, it depends on where you go. Some XC Trails are flat and any are very steep. Usually, most XC Trails are flat with short rolling hills. And while XC course almost never attain the steepness of downhill resorts, I've skied any pretty steep trails on my XC skis. All the trail networks I've ever been to are very well marked and it is easy to avoid trails above your ability level. If you are just picking it up I suggest holding off buying equipment until you do it a couple of times as there are two distinct types of XC skiing. First is Classic skiing or Striding. The classic style is often used on prepared trails that have pairs of parallel grooves cut into the snow. This style is made up of an exaggerated running action with parallel skis and a glide on each stride. The poles are planted alternately on the opposite side to the kick. For experienced skiers this technique is used uphill. This style of skiing is a great way to start XC skiing as it is fairly easy and allows you to go further and longer much more easily. The next is Skate Skiing. Skate skiing is much more arobic and is faster than striding. Skate skiing involves the skier pushing one ski outward with the ski angled, so that the inner edge of the ski is driven against the snow, much like an ice skater. As in classic skiing, transferring weight completely from one ski to the next is essential to learning to skate. Those who have learned to ice skate or rollerblade may find ski skating technique easier to learn than classic skiing. As you can imagine both of these styles require specific equipment so you might want to establish which style you prefer before you buy. I personnaly prefer Skating as it is more arobic, faster and offers more of a challenge but many people love Striding. It's really up to you, I just suggest you not commit to a specific style before you try them both. Good luck and have fun.

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