There is a yogo place that I saw that does life coaching ? What is that? Is it like councelling then? And is it covered by ohip or whatever. Do you know what I found? Life coaching is different from counseling in that your life coach will be more directive and offer specific advice. Life coaching is about improving your life going forward and does not usually focus on past emotional issues. Counselors have to go through more training and certification to become licensed than a life coach so you have to be careful when selecting a life coach. Most life coaches offer a free session over the phone for you to see if life coaching is right for you.

Film opowiadajcy o coachingu, zrealizowany przez ICF Polska (International Coach Federation). Poprzez wypowiedzi coachw I ich klientw oraz fragmenty sesji. . .

2 Replies to “Coaching”

  1. A practice with the stated aim of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals.

  2. Life coaching is about helping you sort out your emotional problems, setting goals and achieving those goals.