I am planning a camping trip with two friends. We need to buy a camping tent but I don't know what size of the tent is suitable for three people. I did a little search online and someone said should choose a tent which can accommodate two more person because there must be any space for the camping equipment. Is this true? Is a five man tent a little larger for three. Well, I have your answer right here. A five man tent is just fine. I do a lot of camping and I use a 2-3 person tent for just me, and a 4 person tent when I take the wife and kid along. Unless your back country camping you can't go wrong with getting a bigger roomier tent.

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  1. GENERAL RULE OF THUMB Chose a tent that states one extra person than you need. Example, if there are only 2 people camping, pick the 3 person tent. These psycho tent-makers base how many people sleep in a tent by assuming everyone sleeps shoulder to shoulder or spoons each other. Don't get me wrong, I like my friends but not THAT MUCH. The reason I say this is commonly I find these tents cramped and the extra space for your gear is always a plus. Some tents have large vestibule areas for hear but if your doesn't the extra "person" space is where your gear goes. A 5 person tent would be fine for you. NO ONE EVER COMPLAINS ABOUT HAVING TOO MUCH SPACE. The only major concern for be tent weight for backpackers to haul long distances. If then, you can split up the tent among 3 people and it's not the heavy to haul, if you are hiking. If you are car camping, then it's a non issue. .

  2. Yeah, that sound right to me. Whenever they give a number of people (such as 3-man tent) they don't include space for equipment. I have a 2-3 person tent (and it is listed as 2-3). It would probably for 2 adult with a small amount of gear. I use it a lot of solo camping and have extra room. A five person tent will be pretty big (but a good fit for what you need. ) Think about 5 grown adults laying side-by-side, with no gear and not much room to move. That would be the size of a 5-person tent. A 3-person tent would be 3 people laying side by side. Yes, I would suggest either a 5-person tent, or maybe 2 smaller tents. One for gear, and one for sleeping? Then if you wouldn't have such a large and heavy tent if only 2 of you decided to go another time.

  3. It would depend on the type of trip youre planning. If you are backpacking a bit you will want to have the least amount of weight as possible, a 5 person tent is pretty heavy and cannot be split up all that well. Ive done several trip with two other friends in a three man and fit our gear under the rain fly. You can also buy a tarp and take up less room and just set that up to protect your gear from the weather rather than getting a bulky tent. Im a fan of the msr mutha hubba, it has quite a bit of room.

  4. You did not explain what kind of camping that you are doing, nor whether each of you could bring a tent for privacy and sharing the load. If you intend to do any backpacking with a backcountry dispersed campsite, then you need to focus on weight. I will not backpack with more than about two pounds of tent per person. However, I will take a lot more tent if I am only going car-camping in developed campgrounds. If you anticipate severe weather, then a low-profile dome tent makes sense. If you are primarily going fair-weather camping, then a cheap cabin tent works fine. If you are going to stick with your plan for a single tent, then you will probably be happier with a four-to-six person tent. If you are looking for ease of set-up, are car-camping, and do not care about weight, then a Coleman Instant Tent, nine-person, $200, or six-person, $170, would work. If you are looking for a backpacking group tent, then a tent such as the Sierra Designs Lightning XT, four-person, $450, or Big Agnes Copper Spur UL-4, four-person, $600, or REI Base Camp, six-person, $420, may be more appropriate.

  5. I would think a 4 man or 6 man tent unless you would like a lot of room. Here is a website that has all sizes of tents you can go check them out and see what you might like.

  6. I always go for the extra room when weight is not an issue. Most tent ratings are indicating space per person in a sleeping bag shoulder to shoulder so 3 people in a 3 person tent would be really tight. You will also really appreciate the room a larger tent provides if your caught in bad weather. Also larger tents have more head room and that in itself makes a huge difference comfort wise. The idea of camping for me is to be comfortable and relaxed not squeezed into a small tent and enduring. Remember any camping gear in the tent is okay but never any food for any reason should be allowed inside if your in the back country. Best