Bird Watching

I have been shopping around for a camera with long zoom and good megapixels for bird watching. However, all the cameras I searched for sacrifice picture quality for mega zoom. Any suggestions for super zoom cameras under $500. Basically… Canon S3IS. It is a really good camera, takes really good pictures but I do not think it will be enough for bird watching for zoom purposes. Maybe a tame bird you can get a good shot at but wild birds you may not be able to fit the frame with it. Thats why pros have 600mm lenses with a 2X converter at the end of the lens.

Most of you may not know I am a avid bird watcher that is when I can. All video footage was filmed indoors because of our cats outdoors. . I will be having a . . .

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  1. Kodak z612 is a good choice. Olympus is coming out with a new one in about a month go to website and check it out