I have a 10' x 5' National Billiards Table in wonderful condition. It is a slate table with no rips in the felt. It has an oak base and oak side rails. What is the value of it. After talking to others on the web, I found the answer. The table in the picture above is fabulous nice. The price of $4500 seems a little high to me. I saw a 10 foot snooker table sell for $2800 a couple years back. I looked on eBay and found the table above listed. I did a search for finished listings and found zero National Billiards Tables. I couldn't even find a 5 x 10 table under finished listings. The value of something be it a pool table or a house, is mostly determined by how much a ready willing and able buyer is willing to pay. I wouldn't take less that $2500 if I were you and you can always start your price higher.

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  1. Have you got any images of it? I found one that might be kind of the same as yours. Not a bad price either.