I am in 2nd place in my league and am in trade talks with the leader (I’m 4 points behind him). I could use help with FG%, FT%, ST, BLK & TO, mostly FG% but don’t want to sacrifice too much on the other categories. I’m looking to unload Arenas due to all the problems going on with the Wizards (possible suspension due to guns & dispute) and he said he’s interested, but he also wants Rudy Gay. My team: Steve Nash, Rodney Stuckey, Gilbert Arenas, Pau Gasol, Rudy Gay, Jamal Crawford, Lamar Odom, Channing Frye, Andrew Bogut, Ray Allen, Erick Dampier, Anthony Morrow, Blake Griffin His team: Deron Williams, Eric Gordon, Josh Smith, Al Horford, Troy Murphy, JR Smith, Brandon Jennings, Danilo Gallinari, Dwight Howard, Louis Williams, Ben Gordon, Carl Landry, Tyrus Thomas I was thinking of giving up Arenas & Gay for Deron Williams & Carl Landry, but I’m uncertain because a trade could make or break me. He doesn’t want to get rid of Howard understandably. Does this sound like a good trade for me? What trade would you suggest? I failed to mention the funny part; I traded we swapped Jennings and Greg Oden really minutes before Oden went down. Basically…1. Arenas and Griffin for Josh Smith and Carl Landry 2. Arenas and Dampier for Jennings 3. Arenas and Gay for Jennings and Gallinari 4. Gay for Williams 5. Arenas and Gay for Horford and Gordon I like the other trade but I doubt he will do it. Hope this helps.

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  1. considering u need STLS and BLKS. . .
    i would target josh smith, al horford, and tyrus thomas

    all shoot very good FG% and are a major contributor in stls and blks (especially smith)