Amusement Parks

Have you ever had a conversation with a random person at an amusement park? What was said? I was at the amusement park once and I was sitting on a ride before it started. So I was screaming YEAH.. Then this random boy across the way started screaming YEAH.. Right at me, it was funny(: Another time we passed this random boy and he said “Hey. How’s it going.” to my friend, it was funny too (: So anything like this happen to you. After looking around, I learned — I love amusement parks. Once I was at an amusement park with my friend, and he was wearing a hoodie with a picture of a gumball machine on it. Some random girl walked up to him, and pretended to insert a coin, turn the little thing, and take a gum ball. Then she walked away. I talk and wave to random people all the time, especially at big amusement parks like Canada’s Wonderland. Once I got into a huge conversation with this kid while we were in line for a ride. He was really funny. Once while I was at Wonderland, I saw this girl wearing a dress trying to get on the stand up roller coaster. The problem with that is there’s a bicycle seat-style thing that goes in between your legs, so it was awkward. I saw her again later, but she was walking around in short shorts and her bra, haha. One time don’t Stop believing came on when we were in live, and everyone in the live started singing. It was really funny. The last two times I was there, I had a broken finger, so I had this huge retarded metal splint thing on. I met another girl with a broken finger and we got into a big conversation about how we broke our fingers.

May these parks and Rides rest in peace. Screechin Eagle from Americana Amusement park, and The Coaster from Chippewa Lake are a couple of greats that are go. . .

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  1. Yeah I was at Kah-Nee-Ta or something, and this random girl walks by and slaps my butt

  2. Yeah I like amusement parks
    Nothing really funny or anything like that has happened to me while I was at one, except while we were at wonderland last week a girl walked by and her shorts were so short you could see half of her a$$, so me and my friend were laughing at her.
    But just to let you know, don’t go to an amusement park with a cast on. I broke my wrist the day before and I wasn’t allowed on any rides, not too much fun.

  3. me!!

    once at an amusement park I was walking and this random girl stopped me to tell me she likes my shirt. another time this random kid came over to me and asked if he could have a sip of my water. . . i said no but he took a swig of it anyway. . . o. o weird.

    oh and once, this did not involve me but I saw it happen and thought it was funny. one of the ride guys said “have a nice day!” as we got off the ride and some dude said “dont tell me what to do!”

  4. Once when I was on a ride, one of the people beside me I didn’t know and
    when the ride was going she was like “Are you ok, you look like you’re going to be sick” I can’t remember what I said back it’s a bit of a blur to be honest lol.

    No I hate them, I get sick on the rides lol

  5. Damn girl, you must be bored to make this a yahoo question lma• Just like I’m bored enough to actually answer you. Yes, I have had random conversation with strangers and even have ended up going on all the rides and getting food with them. hahaha

  6. yeah, I was riding on a go cart and this boy my age kept bumping into me. so one time I purposely crashed into him and his brothers started yelling at me.


  7. Yes. I once went up to a person at an amusement park and said to them “YOU DON’T LOOK VERY AMUSED”

    Then the person said back to me “IRONY”.

    and that was that

  8. yes I did! there was these two hot guys ( I was with my friends) they started to walk away so I shouted heyyyyyy!!!! come back! lol they did they where actually reallly nice and we ended up hanging out with them 4 he rest of the day (and we got there #s)

  9. i do!

    yeah, a conversation how a guy was screaming on the ride.

    also when I left the park with my friends, people were giving high fives to everyone and saying “ayyye” lol it was funny
    yeah I always talk to random people at amusement parks

  10. I love them!

    I had a conversation with this really cute guy I was standing in line with. I saw him looking at me so I said hi and he said hi (very exciting). Then my friend she goes HEY WHAT’S YOUR NAME? And I’m like oh God. Then we exchange names, favorite bands, and eventually phone numbers. Instead on me going on the ride with my friend I ended up going with him. I hung out with him for the rest of the day and it was awesome. I still kinda feel bad though my friend was the 3rd wheel for the rest of the day.

  11. i looove amusement parks. (: I was in line with my friend for a ride and california girls came on, so we started talking about how me and him wanted to be california girls. it was epic haha. I like yelling random things at people too

  12. I love them! I’ve always kind of been afraid of rides but as of last week I’ve been on all type of ride there is so I’m not afraid of them anymore I’m going to one with friends for my birthday next week

    Nope, it never has. But once I went on one of those swinging pirate ships with my friend and we sat in the middle and there were these two creepy middle aged men sitting directly across from us. When we were hanging upside down, my friend [who had her glasses off] started waving to our friends, but since she couldn’t see, she was actually waving to the creepy men. They laughed at her and started talking to her and following us. It was creepy.